Day 5

Today we got up early to be on time for the start of our school day at the Hope Nursery School. We planned a morning of corner work for all classes. This way the teachers could learn about different ways of teaching and playing. Amongst other things we did drawing, cutting and building towers. The teachers taught us some words in Mandinka so we could instruct the children more easily.


Next stop was the medical post in Sifoe. Here we helped the staff unpack several boxes of medical supplies and told them how they should be used. We also helped when a boy was brought in to have his head stitched. Sofie supported him during the whole treatment. Afterwards we couldn’t help but coddle him a bit. He received a clean T-shirt and new shoes.


Unfortunately our container still hadn’t been delivered. As a result we were done an hour early today.  The missing container called for a reorganisation of our schedule. The next few days will be a surprise for us and for you!


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