Day 9

Yesterday was our last full day in the Gambia. As our container had only arrived late the previous day, we still had a lot to do before leaving.


After a short night the question remained if we would be able to get everything done by noon … African or European timing?


We started round 7 am in the education centre in Sifoe. We sorted boxes and assembled bicycles. We worked against the clock.


Next we brought sports equipment and educational materials to the school in Nyoffeleh and medical supplies to the local medical post. The recipients were overjoyed when they saw all the beautiful things we had for them.


After this we hurried back to the education centre in Sifoe to pick up boxes full of medicine and medical supplies. These we handed over at the medical post in Sifoe. Next we stopped at the Hope Nursery School with our educational materials and the bicycles. The teachers and the children were very happy!


We ended our visit to the Hope Nursery School with a final meeting. We talked with the teachers about our plans for the future. It was an emotional farewell.


We had a few moments left to celebrate Sofie’s birthday! We enjoyed the real birthday cake the lodge’s staff had baked for us and then it was time to go. We managed to do everything we had set out to do, yes!


By 4 pm we left for the airport. We saw the Gambian sun set for the last time this year. Till next year!

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