Day 8

Today as well we split up our group.


Annelies, Lieve and Charlotte went to the health centre in Sifoe. Annelies distributed medicine with the nurse and Lieve treated a finger that had been cut off by a machete. Next we went to a wholesaler’s with the head of the centre to buy medicine. That was easier said than done. We had to change money first and the medicine had to be picked up at a warehouse. It took a whole day, but we finally got the supplies the health centre needed.


The rest of the group taught the second preschool class at Hope Nursery School. We started the day with a puppet show. Later the children practised riding a bicycle, did jigsaw puzzles and worked with colours. With the teachers we did a short training session to inform them about what could be done and achieved with the educational materials we had brought.


Next we went to the tailor’s to have a look at the new flags and bags we ordered to sell in Belgium. Our “family” of stuffed animals got a workover as well. The result was really beautiful!


At long last the container arrived! A whole team helped to unload it and this allowed us to start our final night festively ❤.

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