Day 6

Day six and still no container. This container with educational materials and medical supplies was supposed to be on site by the time we arrived. We were told several problems had cropped up and nobody seemed to know when they would be solved. This afternoon we had a crisis meeting to find out what was going on exactly and if we could do something to speed up the process. In spite of this setback, our gang remains full of energy.


As we ended up with extra time, we could spend a little more time at the Hope Nursery School. We organised a short workshop to teach the teachers some new techniques. We went to work with PE, playing and the alphabet. When we were done the teachers better understood how to work with the materials we brought. We were satisfied they would be able to go on using them when we were back in Belgium.


In late afternoon we made plans for our visit to the school in Nyofelleh the next day.


Lieve and Annelies sorted the medicine we had brought in our suitcases.


Tomorrow we’re going back to Nyofelleh. We’re looking forward to it!

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