Day 7

Today we’re splitting up the group for the first time in a long time!


Ingrid and Annelies left with Kalifa to try to do something about our container. They went to and fro between the Ministry of public health and the harbour. They filled out several forms and had long conversations. It definitely was a change from cleaning and teaching. Apparently they did all the right things because they were told the container would be delivered the next day, Inshallah (God willing).


The rest of the group went to the school in Nyofelleh. We first worked in the preschool, where we noticed that the materials we’d brought the previous year had been used intensively! Afterwards we observed a preschool class with 50 children. Half of the children were sitting on the floor and were learning to write the alphabet in the air as there were not enough pencils and notebooks. … Something to add to our project?


Never mind all that. We were there to teach the children and the teachers! We got going on corner work and sports. Afterwards we visited two classes in the primary school. We did English exercises; took a group of pupils to their library and submerged them in English books; and we played bingo to teach the numbers. Our PE teacher, Karen, had a blast teaching yoga under the tree.


The final item on the to do list for the day was the health centre in Nyofelleh. There was almost no medicine left, so we got some of the supplies we had brought in our suitcases and put them in the cupboards. We made sure the people in charge knew how to use everything correctly.


At the end of the day we sang a few songs with the pupils and exchanged some dances!


It was a hot, but very nice and instructive day!

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